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Tuxedo Single

This jacket is the ideal choice for 90% of men. It is easy to wear, combine and it will not attract too much attention to your outfit.

It comes with one buttonand it will keep the conservative type looking sharp.

Tuxedo Double

This jacket is a rare choice. It is perfect for the more fashion forward, daring guys, who have no problem with people analyzing their outfit.

Wearing this jacket will bring more volume to your look so it is especially recommended for the tall, slim guy.

! The double breasted jacket comes with peak lapels


This is an option for the more efficient type. If you are
attending a friend’s wedding and you want a suit that you can wear afterwards at work for example, this is your choice.

Go for a blue or grey suit, in medium or dark shades and pair it it with a colorful waistcoat, a bow tie and a white shirt with covered buttons. After the event, switch to your work tie and regular shirts and you’re good to go.


This is the most formal option for night time dress and it creates the dress code name “white tie”. It is usually worn with a white waistcoat and bow tie and the most conservative of the bunch will also wear a tophat and white gloves.

This type of design is very rare. If you want to see it, visit the opera and take a look at the musicians or find a way to get invited to dinner by the queen.


This is the most formal of all options when it comes to daytime wear. It is usually worn in the United Kingdom for the first part of the wedding, the church ceremony. The custom dictates that you wear it with grey striped pants, a colorful waistcoat and necktie.

Nowadays it is an option mostly for the conservative type that knows its history and enjoys being dressed formally.

Add a Waistcoat


If we look in the past we will see that all men used to wear a waistcoat with their suit. In modern times, this element lost its importance.

Nevertheless, a waistcoat will always bring more power to your outfit and give it a masculine touch. Choose it in single or double breasted and wear it with confidence.

Make IT your OWN


Jacket Options


Lapel style

Lapel Width


The collar has a continuous curve without a break like the peak or notch lapel do. This design is seen on tuxedos and usually worn at exclusive events like a black-tie. It has a more peculiar look to it and it is not something a regular guy will choose. Its elegance and presence will keep people guessing what’s your deal.

We recommend it in satin fabric because it brings a nice, fine contrast between the lapel and the rest of the suit.




Manual Buttonhole

The manually sewed lapel buttonhole or boutonniere”, is the most exquisite detail when it comes to a gentleman’s jacket.

In our atelier we have a team specialised in sewing a beautiful boutonnière by hand, as the masters used to do it. We put our heart in every stitch so you can enjoy your own jacket with a soul.

Make IT your OWN



Back Pockets


Waistband Options

A tailored gentleman has trousers cut to fit his waist properly. That being said, we all fluctuate in weight from time to time and that is why tailors created the side adjusters (strap & buckle). This kind of fastening system lost its popularity and it is almost impossible to find off the rack.
Nowadays it is a characteristic of custom-made pants. A gentleman will always know.

Suspenders are one of the most comfortable ways of keeping your pants up. Keep in mind, if you fancy wearing them, be a man, go for the
ones with leather straps. They are more stylish and will not damage your pant’s waistband. We’ll sew complementary buttons for you, don’t worry.


One of the most important characteristics of a pant for black tie is the side band made out of cloth different from that of the tuxedo.

It has an elegant shine to it and go perfectly with patent leather shoes.
This kind of pants are usually worn with suspenders and if you want to go full out and have a very classic look, also get a cummerbund.

Please leave your belt at home, no matter what.

Final touches



Your Lining says a lot about Your Style

Why do we need lining? The extra fabric will help the garment sit firmly down on your shoulders and drape nicely all the way to the bottom. It will also provide protecgtion for the interior of the jacket and help the suit fabric stretch more when you move.

Apart from it's functionality, lining is one of the most important details of your suit because people will see it. Will you choose a fully lined, a half lined, or an unstructured jacket? It doesn't matter, We'll make sure it is tailored to your personality.

! In half lined jackets, not all three cloths will be present, only sleeve and body.

Final touches


Collar & Buttons

Ink you collar

The fun part of having a garment customized to your liking at Louis Purple is that you get to choose all the small details that form your suit’s personality.

The back of your collar or the collar felt is one of those details. Even though it is never seen by those around you, you can have some fun and choose your favorite out of the many colors we offer.

It is your custom secret and we’ll make sure no one else finds out. Enjoy it!


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